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World Building: Unnatural Disasters

The Temporal Storms

From Elder Mayhew’s Existential Threats, Their Signs and Symptoms:

The first truly definitive sign that a temporal storm is brewing is the appearance of the heralds. These men and women appear as if from nowhere, usually speaking foreign languages and typically in an advanced state of confusion. They are not heralds in the normal sense, for they can tell us nothing about the storm which is soon to arrive; instead, it is their mere presence which alerts us to the looming disaster.  Continue reading World Building: Unnatural Disasters

World Building: Missing Persons

The Lost City of Potyr

In 861, the results of the census of the Golden Empire revealed an anomaly; the population had decreased markedly for the first time in more than a hundred years. The drop could not be accounted for by war, famine, or disease. It seemed very much like someone had simply counted wrong, and ended up with a million fewer people. The numbers were run again, and again they were far lower than the previous year, though there seemed to be no fault in the methodology. Within the massive bureaucracy of the Empire, gears started to turn, and questions started to be asked. A clerk was tasked with going over the previous census to see if there was something there that would explain it. What he found was even more confusing – the previous census was also incorrect. When the population was totaled for the cities and rural districts, it did not match the reported total in the official ledger. Archives were dug through, and numbers were crunched, and it was found that this was true for every census going back to be first year that they were created. The census of the Empire was sacrosanct, used for both taxation and districting, and so it was determined that a full investigation must be launched.  Continue reading World Building: Missing Persons