First Post!

I’ve had this recurring trend lately where I can’t find anyone to talk to about the things that really matter to me. Not the personal stuff, because there really isn’t much of that anymore, but things like information systems, the changing world of technology, the failures of both lower and higher education, the fourth dimension, and lots of stuff which I read about. There’s this glazed over look that people get in their eyes when I’m talking to them that tells me I’ve gone beyond the polite indulgences of normal conversation.

This isn’t my first blog. If I’m being realistic, I would say that it’s going to last around twenty to thirty posts, encompassing maybe two weeks of my time. That means that if you’re reading this, it’s probably long after it’s stopped being updated. No matter; this is more for my benefit than yours.

More biographical information as it becomes relevant, or just Google me; my name is Ben Friesen, but I usually go by the alias Alexander Wales (run it together as one word).

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First Post!

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