Jetpacks (I want one)

Well, it turns out that the future does have jet packs. It just also turns out that they’re horrifically expensive. The price? $250,000 (with YouTube clip!). And they run on jet fuel, which is also probably not to cheap. But it gets 19 minutes of flight per fueling, which is pretty impressive compared to the last generation of jet pack. If I had the money, I would buy one, just so I could go flying in places that I wasn’t supposed to. Then again, there can’t be many laws in place restricting the use of jet packs, can there? So I could fly over traffic and cause a ruckus, or give myself jet pack assisted leaps across the tops of buildings.

Actually, it must be pretty easy to injure yourself in one of those things, especially with such hot exhaust coming out the back. I don’t think it’s like unassisted flight either – you have to be strapped in somehow, and unless it’s bound quite close to your body it would be likely to pinch or pull at you.

The other great advance in human flight is the wingsuit, which yes, makes you look a flying squirrel. This is another one of those things for people with a money, as it costs about $1,000 for a wingsuit (with the more significant cost of getting a plane to take you up every time you want to come down, and a parachute). Given enough time for the materials sciences to advance, it might be possible for someone to land without a parachute. Though everyone in the business says that it could theoretically be done, I’ll believe it when I see it.

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Jetpacks (I want one)

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