The Total Disclosure Project

So I’ve said a couple of times on this blog that I’m not real big on privacy. Most of the time, the information that we generate every day is completely worthless, not only to people to know us, but to corporations. The only real concern is whether or not this information could be used against me – as with phishing attacks and things like that.

Anyway, here’s what I want to do; live with most of my privacy stripped away. I’ve been thinking hard about how to actually accomplish this. The big problem with total surveillance (which is what this would amount to) is that I would have to involve everyone that I see in a social setting, and everyone that I work with. I don’t really want to do that.
A less extreme version would go something like this;
  • Total location tracking provided by a custom app for Android which would automatically load information onto the web.
  • An online repository of receipts to track everything that I purchase.
  • Setting all privacy settings on social media to the lowest possible setting.
  • Logging media consumption and daily activities.
  • Logging biometrics.
  • Logging web-browsing history.
  • Photographing or filming parts of my life, preferably automatically.
  • Blogging more.
And here is a list of pros and cons.
  • We tend to behave better when we know people are watching.
  • It would generate some useful discourse.
  • It would match up with my stated ideals.
  • It would tell me things about myself.
  • It would mean at least some infringing on the privacy of people around me.
  • It’s a little narcissistic.
  • It would be technically complicated.
  • It would open me up to identity theft if I wasn’t careful.
So far, I like the idea, but I think it’s sunk unless I get permission from Alyssa.
Edit: Okay, I have permission from Alyssa. Enabling location tracking was easy – it’s now to the right of this blog. I’ll be working on figuring out how difficult it is to do the rest of the stuff.

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The Total Disclosure Project

2 thoughts on “The Total Disclosure Project

  1. I think privacy is over rated. If I were to do a total privacy sell off, the world would really know how boring my life is so that won't happen. Maybe that's why the tabloids are so widely read; we all have selfishly boring lives, except it seems for the rich and famous. Good writing – good thinking.

  2. I think, if such a practice became common, it would make those who didn’t do it come under suspicion. For example gay people in homophobic societies, supporters of opposition parties or members of minority religions.

    Even if you have nothing to hide, keeping a certain level of privacy provides much needed camouflage for those with legitimate secrets.

    I also dislike rewarding those who profit from reselling data about you to others.

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