World Building: Language

The Uttalak tribesmen are a curious sort, for they have no tongues. First contact with them has been lost to time, and it can only be imagined what trouble that must have been, for while the Uttalak (literally, speech-lacking in Miaran) are able to understand speech, they don’t use it themselves, and of course when first encountered did not know any other languages. (Though not the subject of this missive, their method of eating without tongues is quite astonishing and a sight to behold.)  Continue reading World Building: Language

The Last Christmas, Chapter 5

Charles sat in his private viewing room, with Matilda right beside him.

“We’re outside of time, right?” asked Charles. “The viewer shows us everything that happened this year, but it’s not actually the end of the year yet. How does that work?”

“We extrapolate forward,” said Matilda. “We take the world as it was and simulate the whole thing forward from the moment that we left time.”  Continue reading The Last Christmas, Chapter 5

The Last Christmas, Chapter 4

The next morning, the very first stop that Charles made – after another enormous and varied breakfast – was to the List Room. Matilda stood by his side. He’d asked for Kelvin as well, but had been told that he was unavailable. He hadn’t actually thought that elves could be unavailable, but it was another data point to add to his model of how the North Pole worked.  Continue reading The Last Christmas, Chapter 4