Alexander Wales


Alexander Wales writes fiction, mostly at the crossroads between science fiction and fantasy.


This is Perry's third world, or fourth if you count Earth. In the first, there was Richter, a brilliant scientist who gave Perry a working suit of power armor before dying to an attack by an adversary that seemed to come from nowhere. In the second world, he became a knight fighting in a war against a callous enemy. There are others like him, thresholders, always in opposition, and it's becoming clear to Perry that this is going to be his way of life, hopping from world to world. Now he finds himself in a place that's doing its best impression of Victorian London with the serial numbers filed off, with a new enemy that will test all the knowledge and power he's accumulated so far.
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Sander leaves the sanctuary of his small town’s lanterns to kill a Darkling and eat its heart, in order to be granted the magic of a glimwarden.
In-progress serial novel, temporarily on hiatus
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Shadows of the Limelight

In a world were people get their power from fame, Dominic must navigate the treacherous waters of the illustrati. Set in an Enlightenment-era fantasy world with mad kings, merchant republics, peasant revolts, and more.
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World Building

Short works of ... world building? I dunno, I just make the website.
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