Year: 2019

Worth the Candle, Ch 178: The White Room

The White Room was one of the special rooms of the Erstwhile Manor, one which Amaryllis was well-acquainted with. It had no windows, instead being lit by several complicated and expensive methods that spread gentle white light through the entirety of the space. The walls were white with cream-colored accents, and the few pieces of […]

Worth the Candle, Ch 174: The Blade of the Self

Optics 20, Clarity:When you hold or touch, directly or indirectly, a lens or prism of any kind, you can alter its properties (e.g. altering focal point, concavity, refractive index, thickness). Any alterations you make will revert once you are no longer holding or touching the lens or prism. This includes biological lens, e.g. in the […]

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