Adventures in AI Text Generation, pt 1 (of ???)

I’ve been trying my hand at writing with the assistance of ChatGPT and occasionally other tools. Mostly, it sucks, delivering the occasional turn of phrase that I like but not having an understanding of how prose should flow and often eliding the things that are most interesting about a scene. I think there’s promise there […]

Addendum to the AI Art Apocalypse: Theft

This is one of those things I didn’t include in the original post, for a few reasons. The first is that it’s an incredibly long digression into legal, moral, technical, and practical matters, and the second is that I don’t find it all that interesting as it’s largely a social and philosophical discussion. Anyway, this […]

Creating Interesting Magic (and Characters, Plots, and Worlds)

I’ve been long overdue for a blog post like this, because it’s one of the main things that I either get questions about or hear people struggle with. The questions are usually in the form of “how do you come up with this stuff” or “where do you get your ideas from”, while the struggles […]

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