Year: 2017

Worth the Candle, Ch 64: In Which Juniper Stares At His Character Sheet, Again

The interface was different, for a start. It wasn’t controlled by my (nominal) eyes like the other one was, it was all done by thought alone, and I spent a few moments just spinning and panning to a get a feel for it. My soul … was another character sheet, a deeper, more complex one, […]

Worth the Candle, Ch 63: The Chemical History of a Candle

Bumblefuck, Kansas was large enough that our high school offered exactly one computer science elective, and I had taken it the first semester of senior year. I’d just barely completed programming a wildly ambitious game of checkers in BASIC for my final project, earning me my only A for that semester (my grades had never […]

Worth the Candle, Ch 60: Aggressive Negotiations

When we came out of the wards, Fenn was standing with her arm around the dirt golem. “Productive conversation?” she asked. “We’ll be staying around here for a little bit,” said Amaryllis, speaking more to the golem than to Fenn. The golem slumped slightly to the side, and Fenn moved away from it. “Unanimous?” asked […]

Worth the Candle, Ch 53: A Tiptoe Through the Tulips

“Vervain was far from the first flower mage, but he was the best there ever was,” said Solace. The glass bottle that contained the locus’ domain didn’t have anything so neat and ordered as a garden would imply, but there was a small section that was devoted to Solace’s side business as a flower mage. […]

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