Worth the Candle

Worth the Candle, Epilogue 6: The Narrator, the Angel, and the Devil

The Angel and the Devil had dressed up to play cheerleader to their Juniper, the Narrator. The Angel was Fenn, of course, the one who had died to poison and then gone to heaven, where she’d spent approximately three years with the Narrator, lounging about and getting a taste of the heaven that everyone else […]

Worth the Candle, Epilogue 5: It All Depends On What You Mean By Home

Darili Irid was the same as it had always been. Every time Grak went back, he found that strange. He could understand, in the abstract, that some people wanted things to be how they’d always been, and those sorts of people made up the bulk of those who populated the lower heavens, but the people […]

Worth the Candle, Epilogue 4: The Ongoing Adventures of Valencia the Red

Most people in the Mid-Uppers were there for the complete transhumanism or the lack of intellectual or creative scarcity, but not so for Valencia the Red. No, Valencia was a relatively rare specimen of the Mid-Uppers, someone who liked the neighborhood, so to speak, but also enjoyed a fairly mundane human existence. The assistants had […]

Worth the Candle, Epilogue 3: There’s No Knowing Where We’re Going

We drove down I-90 in a navy blue 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan, listening to Fenn’s eclectic mix of songs that were playing from her phone that sat beside her in the front passenger seat (she’d called shotgun). Amaryllis was driving, her hands at ten and two and her eyes straight ahead, while the rest of […]

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