Worth the Candle

Worth the Candle, Ch 237: Long Story Short

WAR DEPARTMENT FIELD MANUALTACTICS AND TECHNIQUE OF DELVING THE LONG STAIRS REGARDED CLASSIFIED BYAUTHORITY OF DOD DIR. 5200. 1 R BY Lt. Ralkers ON 01-17-1991 Section IGeneral Purpose and Scope — This manual is designed for the use of the fireteam leader in training members of the fireteam in missions which pass through HELLMOUTH and […]

Worth the Candle, Ch 232: Department

“Fenn,” I said again, not believing it. Fenn Fenn Fenn Fenn. She looked exactly like I remembered her, minus the yellow-fall all over her and the grim expression. If infernals had illusion or shapeshifting power, I might have questioned whether she was real, but outside of some unknown and powerful magic, always a remote possibility, […]

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